Court Cards

Court Cards

The court cards in Majestic Earth Tarot have similar meanings to the court cards in other popular tarot decks, particularly Waite-Smith style decks. The names of the court cards have been changed to reflect the “court of Nature” rather than a regent’s court.

Stewards show respect and reverence for the natural world. 

Steward: Learning, devotion, reverence; as a person, a student, devotee or seeker; also traditional tarot Page meanings (study, beginnings, youthfulness); Jack in playing cards.

Riders depict  interaction with nature and the elements.

Rider: Movement, action, change; as a person, a traveler, messenger or someone providing a service, especially protective services; also traditional tarot Knight meanings (bravado, chivalry, messages); no equivalent in playing cards.

Creatures exhibit pure, instinctual expression.

Creature: Life, originality, expressiveness; as a person, an artist, intuitive, or someone full of life; also traditional tarot Queen meanings (understanding, receptivity, creativity); Queen in playing cards.

Spirits represent the awesome power of nature and the elements.

Spirit: Energy, vitality, power; as a person, a leader, businessperson or someone with a commanding presence; traditional tarot King meanings (civic engagement, success, expertise); King in playing cards.