Majestic Earth Suits

The meanings of the suits follow the contemporary tradition of Waite-Smith style tarot decks. The names of the suits have been changed to reflect Nature and the Elements.

Suit of Stone: Earth element; traditional tarot coins or pentacles; physical and material aspects of life; finances, security, provisions, involvement; diamonds in playing cards; merchants, entrepreneurs.

Suit of Clouds: Air element; traditional tarot swords; mental and intellectual aspects of life; leadership, strategy, authority, ambition; spades in playing cards; leaders, warriors.

Suit of Trees: Fire element; traditional tarot wands, batons, staves or staffs; expressive, active aspects of life; work, enterprise, creativity, energy; clubs in playing cards; workers, laborers.

Suit of Water: Water element; traditional tarot cups; intuitive and emotional aspects of life; pleasure, happiness, joy, feeling; hearts in playing cards; humanitarians, philanthropists.