Storm and Wonder

Storm and Wonder

Storm: Turmoil that shakes us; situations outside of our control; uncertainty in the world and in our lives.

Sturm und Wunder is German for “Storm and Wonder,” a play on Sturm und Drang, an artist movement of the 18th century. Sturm und Drang, meaning “Storm and Urge” or “Storm and Stress,” extolled subjective reality over rational objectivity and saw emotion as the main motive for human behavior.

Sturm und Drang gave artistic expression to the intense, extreme, sometimes violent emotions people experience during times of change and uncertainty. When people feel insecure in the world, they lash out in fear and anger. They become irrational.

Wonder: Reverence for the earth; spiritual power resonating from the beauty of the earth; gratitude for the experience of life; humility.

Sound familiar? Today we see Sturm und Drang again, an emotional backlash against science, humanitarianism, women, the environment, and fact-based reality. These are fear-based reactions to changing gender roles, the preeminence of science over belief, irreversibly changing climates, collapsing ecosystems, shifting economic uncertainly, and unstable socio-political systems.

Storm and Wonder is also an emotional response – a  positive one. Evoking the uplifting beauty and wonderment of the natural world, Storm and Wonder roots us in hopeful and unifying emotions during stormy, turbulent times. This response evokes the experience of empathy and compassion for one another and deep respect and awe for Nature.